Light of Hope Missions

Orphanage1We support the ministry of “Light of Hope Mission” in India.  ( Partnering with this wonderful ministry helps the poor, the orphans and the spreads the Gospel throughout all of India.

  • Light of Hope Mission was founded 41 years ago and is still going strong to this day.
  • They have a “two-edged sword” ministry:  orphanage and evangelism.

In the Orphanage there are 100 children in a home. Light of Hope provides food, clothing and education.  They also provide for 40 local staff members to work in the orphanage.  They provide three meals a day for 150 people at the mission.  They have a garden to grow their own vegetables; they harvest their own bananas and coconuts; and they take care of chickens to provide eggs.

Evangelistically, they have the following ministries: a door-to-door ministry presenting the Gospel, village evangelism, Bible conferences for adults and youth, prayer meetings, Bible studies, counseling for alcoholism and family problems. There is also a benevolence work for the poor by providing free education in the skills of tailoring and computers to help the people make a living.

Kannampady Tribal Missions

We support two tribes in Kanampady, Idukki District. We have a tailoring training and computer center. There is also a church ministry that serves local tribes.