“When the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court, she obtained favor in his sight;
and the king extended to Esther the golden scepter which was in his hand.
So Esther came near and touched the top of the scepter.” (Esther 5:2)

Our Vision

Our vision is to see people’s lives changed dramatically by the Word and power of God.  We seek to help people walk in their life’s destiny and to live victorious lives.  Just as Esther was extended the scepter of the king granting her favor, so we also look to receive God’s scepter of favor in our lives.

Our Outreach/Missions


We support India. Partnership with us helps the poor and orphans, and the spreading of the Gospel in India.


We look to serve the body of Christ by providing:

  • Individual prayer and counseling,
  • Networking people and ministries together,
  • Hosting prayer meetings and home groups.


We would love to partner with you as we do the works of the ministry—seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, (Matthew 6:33). Ways to become connected:

  1. Join the Prayer Team to pray for the ministry. (Our prayer team will also include praying for each other.)
  2. Offer your personal services to pray on the phone and/or in-person with others in need.
  3. Take a short-term mission trip to India (usually in the spring of each year).
  4. Become an “at home” volunteer for Scepter.
  5. Call us for personal prayer and/or counseling needs.

If the Lord puts it on your heart, please let us know how you would like to join us.
Please email Joyce: